The good news for the day December 20, 2016

Tuesday of the Fourth Week in Advent (194)

Mary answered the angel, “How can this be, since I have not had sex with a man?” In reply to her, the Messenger of God said, “The “Mystery of God’s Creating” (The Holy Spirit) will come over you, and the dynamism of the Most High will overwhelm you, so that the child to be born people will view as holy—the Child of God. Listen: Elizabeth, your relative, has also become pregnant with a boy in her old age, and she is now in her sixth month—she who was considered unfertile—nothing will be impossible for God.” Mary responded: “Yes! I am at the service of the Lord. Let it be done to me as you say.” Then the angel left her. (Luke 1)

Here, the familiar story wants to challenge your mind and heart—not as history lesson, but as a call to repentance. How does the story affect you?

Has an Angel of the Lord appeared to you?  I say yes. Have miracles been offered to you? I say yes. Has new life begun in you, though you are not fit for it—it might take a miracle? I say yes. Have people around you had their miracles of new life—miracles of change, miracles of new life in old age? I say yes. Have you said “yes” to the offer of a new life-a change, in humble submission to the will of our Father?  That is up to you.

Perhaps each moment of your life an angel—a messenger—is coming from God, our Father, to you. You are offered the chance to say “yes,” to agree with your creator—or—the opposite—to conform to this world, this generation—to stay the way you have always been. But God is calling you.

The point is a New Life—the Good News that right now it is in the event itself—in this moment—that you can let the Word of God come into you—penetrate your life, and make you start carrying the Son of God within you. Advent is all about that very thing—your openness to the love of God, your “yes” to His Presence—and His future within you! Cherish that


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