The good news for the day December 17, 2016

Saturday of the Third Week in Advent (192)

The book of the ancestry of Jesus a Messiah,
the son of David, the son of Abraham. (Matthew 1)

Your own ancestry may seem unimportant to know. Ancestry and genealogy for most of us are a hobby—if we have any interest. We have, however, not just biological DNA, but values and attitudes, handed-down heroes and shames, legends of bravery and tales that do not make sense. In other words, these legacies have shaped you—bent you this way and that.

Jesus had a history of faith in a single, authentic and loving God-Father-Creator.  That descended through the generations from Abraham. David offers a charismatic, sinful, and yet deeply moral person—one not dominated by law, but motivated by powerful loving—his very name means “beloved”! The presence of David in the ancestry of Jesus marks Jesus as a person more caring than legalistic. Notice he is not called a “son of Moses the Lawgiver.. People who call “son of David” cherishing a memory of love handed down. The family was known for loving (Cf. Kennedys—politicians, Rockefellers—financiers, and Grahams—religious.).

You are a child of God, Abraham and David. Not by blood or flesh—but in spirit, attitude and outlook. You believe and trust the kind of God Abraham knew—the One right-beside-you, miracle-working, intimately entwined with spouse and future life—one loving God.  God is no robot, no candy-machine, but surprising and free, loving and involved—a Person.

You are a Son of David, a child of the human ideal of loving—flawed, caring, committed, but above all, a lover. Your history—like that of Jesus—might contain prostitutes, obscure people, and strange liaisons. Most of all, though, your God is intimate, and you are a lover. You are the living Child of this history, the true descendent of Abraham and David

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