The good news for the day December 14, 2016

Wednesday of the Third Week in Advent (189)

Once, John told a couple of his disciples to go to “the Anointed One” and ask, “Are you the ‘One Who Is To Come’ or should we look for someone else?” When the men came to the Lord, they repeated: “John the Baptist has sent us to you to ask, ‘Are you the “One Who Is To Come” or should we look for someone else?’” At that time, Jesus was curing many an ailment, troubledness, and depraved spirit; he would restore sight to many blind. Jesus said to these visitors, “Go, tell John what you have seen and heard: blind people regain their sight, lame ones walk, skin-afflicted people get cleaned, deaf people hear, dead are raised, and poor people have good news proclaimed to them–and how well off is anybody who does not go astray on my account. (Luke 7)

You would think that people seeing “astonishing” cures, fixes, and changes would not—could not—be “scandalized”—go astray—on Jesus’s account.

All of us remain a little blind and deaf to some daily wonders. We cruise along, pre-occupied, concerned with daily living, while miracles blossom all around. Jesus tells cured people not to broadcast being cured. He does miracles quietly, humbly, removing himself from the center of the event. (See the “sign” at Cana where the “steward” gets the credit—and blame!)

Some people resent caring, forgiveness, and patience—for a variety of reasons; you and I have to acknowledge they are part of us. Upset at what seems to be foolishness, naivete, and stubbornness in others—people do not recognize caring as the “foolishness” of Jesus–maturity to await the full story, the “naivete” of Jesus as compassion to accept the whole person, and the “stubbornness” of Jesus as courage to stick to truth beyond laws, good manners, and appearances. When you bring Jesus by helping, forgiving, and changing people, some others will criticize, deny, and resist you. The Good News is you work wonders anyway! You are at peace. How well off are people who admire what you do—and don’t resist it or attack you!

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