The good news for the day, December 11

Third Sunday of Advent (7)

When John (the baptizer) in prison heard about what the “Anointed One” had been doing, he sent some followers to question Jesus, “Are you the “One Who Is To Come,”—or do we have to look for someone else?” …  The response of Jesus was, “Go, tell John what you are hearing and seeing—that blind people regain sight, lame ones walk, diseased ones get cleansed, deaf hear, dead are awakened, and poor people hear good news—and that person is well off who is not damaged—trapped—reacting badly to what I say.” (Matthew 11)

If blind people regain their sight crippled people walk again, diseased ones get cleaned of their cancer or leprosy, if deaf people hear now – and even if the dead are awakened – all these people eventually die. This message that Jesus sent to John that baptizer was not meant to be a report sent officially from one religious leader to another. All of that is irrelevant. What do these words really say to you when you hear it—or over-hear it?

All of us see instances of miracles—no, that is not accurate.  Miracles happen all the time—and some people do see them, while others are scandalized—damaged by prejudices, denying that you see-beauty of change as people’s eyes open to truth, people hear what they failed to attend to, feel fresh in their skin at the newness each day brings.)

You and I fail to SEE, to HEAR—enough—the wonder of what is simple beautiful and right—what is in front of you every day; it is not the medical miracles (which, nowadays, ARE miracles enough)—but permanent miracles—the eye-opening to a new vision, hearing the first time an eternal truth, cleansing of bad habits of anger, defensiveness, and fear. We awake as from the dead. We see others, too, if we are serious enough to accept it.

THAT is the Good News for the “poor”—the gift of becoming humble, and being called to see and hear differently. Denying that call is The Trap (“scandal” means a “trap’) of denying who you are and what the world is.!

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