The good news for the day December 10, 2016

Saturday of the Second Week in Advent (186)

As the Jesus people were coming down from the highlands, his friends asked Him: “Why do educated people tell us an ‘Elijah’ has to arrive first—before the Messiah?” Jesus answered, “An Elijah will in fact have come and will have restored all the fundamentals—but I am telling you an ‘Elijah’ has already arrived, and people did not realize it was him but did to him whatever they felt like doing. So too will This Human Being suffer at people’s hands.” Then his friends understood—he was talking to them about John the baptizer. (Matthew 17)

Remember this is not a TV interview. Only a little bit is it about history and facts. It is about truth and you. Use your imagination here: John is an Elijah–and so is anybody.

The truth is that you and I do not realize the Messenger of God is right in front of us. Someone corrects you—and you get mad (at least I do). Someone disagrees with you and calls you stupid, blind and wrong. If you were a Jewish ordinary man or woman, and went to see John there at the Jordan, you would do just that—condemn this idiot for his Quixotic effort to change people. He would tell you to stop being so sure of yourself—or greedy—or addicted to drugs—or self-centered. What do you say to that?  You get mad. John—speaks truth, then points out your blindness, your ignorance of yourself, and “you are just wrong.” You might be tempted to say—“Keep that up and you’re going to get yourself killed”—and that is exactly what happened! To both John and Jesus.

They spoke truth to power, they speak to you—telling you uncomfortable truths: “Change your life, change your mind. Wake up. Admit you are failing to respect the truth being leveled against you.” Each and every communication is talking and listening to God—each fraction of a word is part of an “Elijah” telling of the coming of God and the truth into your life. Prepare the way. Let Him in. He is in disguise—until you open your eyes! God is not talking at you—He is talking TO you. Listen with your heart.

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