The good news for the day December 8, 2016 ( a feast of Mary, Jesus’ Mother)

Thursday of the Second Week in Advent (184)

Jesus said this publicly: “This is the truth I am telling you: among everybody born in a natural way, there has been none more significant than John the baptizer–BUT anybody least in the Realm of what’s Right is more significant than he is.  From the time of John, the baptizer—until now, the Realm of what is Right has been suffering persecuting violence, and people who are violent are attacking it with vigor. All truth-telling prophets and traditional law have been predicting it—up to the time of John—if you are willing to accept it—he is Elijah, the “One Who Is To Come.”. Whoever has ears –Listen up!”  (Matthew 11)

The kingdom of God is invisible, unheard, the realm of beautiful mystery and spirit—of awakening when you thought your were awake—of hearing what other people do not hear, of seeing in a way that others do not.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, and John, the “cousin” were obscure people to begin with— non-entities—working class “anybodies” to those around them. Social, kind, honest and diligent, accepting God’s world and word, they are part of the Realm of what is Right—the way things are supposed to be. They emerge from “anybody-ness’ by staying repentant—finding fresh ways to serve and walk humbly. They also remain anybody—you cannot tell from the outside that inside someone is full of grace—amazingly different from everybody else—their humility preventing it.

Not ostentatious nor egotistical, they seem just like you and me—born of woman, making mistakes, praised and blamed by others, stubborn at times, courageous to do what they see is right, learning and adjusting to circumstances, no mind what others think. They derive strength not from finding agreement around them, but in going beyond what is obvious and listening to the silent, authentic and urgent Father whose voice—in their conscience—wants them to see and act the Good News—in the always-New Family which has God as Father. You, too—are Mary and Elijah –just “anybody”—but busy bringing Jesus to the world.

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