The good news for the day December 7, 2016

Wednesday of the Second Week in Advent (183)

Jesus said to the public: “Come to me, everyone of you who works so hard and carries such heavy burdens—I will offer you rest. Put my harness on you; learn from me: I am meek, humble of heart; that is how you will find rest for yourselves.  For my harness is easy, my burden light.” (Matthew 11)

“Learn from me,” Jesus says. Now, Jesus, like all the people around you—and you yourself—was a complicated person. He seems to say one thing to some people, and the direct opposite to others: life is tough, it is a way of the Cross – then he says. Learn of me. It is easy.

The mystery is that both are true. A sign of maturity is your ability to hold contradictory evidence and not make a judgment of condemning or approving. You just accept. Life is tough; life is good; you are at peace.

In this case, Jesus does offer us rest. How? He says that true rest means being meek and humble of heart. If you have the eyes and ears of Jesus, you see this world of ours in the larger picture –you are not that important in yourself, but in the effect you have on others. That means you respect other people, it means you see other people as a mirror of yourself.

In the end, Jesus saw himself as the common man – the ” anybody.” He told stories. He remarked how to understand the law sensibly. He fought against hypocritical people. He associated with wealthy people as easily as with poor people, he was comfortable with sinners. He did not like people who were greedy. He pays no attention to sexual morality. He says things in private that he does not say in public.

In this whole picture you begin to see the model you are to follow—the one you are to learn from. It is not individual behaviors, but the outlook, the spirit that Jesus has which gives you rest. You are a child of God, who loves you very much.  That is the nest, the Good News where you start.


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