The good news for the day December 6, 2016

Tuesday of the Second Week in Advent (180)

Jesus says to his followers: “Do you reflect about things like this:  Say someone has a hundred-sheep to care for, and one of them wanders off, will that person not just leave the ninety-nine alone out in the wild, and go in search of the wanderer?  Then, say the shepherd finds it—this is the truth, believe me—that caretaker is gladder about it than over the ninety-nine that did not go astray. That’s the way it is–it is not what your heavenly Father wants—that any one of the ‘lesser folks’ gets lost.” (Matthew 18)

We actually live in the harsh world of Hebrew Scriptures—what we call the Old Testament—you see wars and conflicts, leaders and friends who go astray here and abroad, as well as cruelty, despair and betrayal.  The Good News is that the Coming of Jesus is always happening, though—the nearness of the Kingdom of God, the Realm of what is Right is at hand.

Really thinking about this little example reminds to keep re-thinking God. God does care. Someone last century noted the “vast indifference” of the universe—not realizing the awe of beauty, the miracle of your own life, the mystery of loving and being loved, the ability to correct our lives, to heal and be healed in heart, to find joy after loss, to live in peace when the environment is at war—whether nature, nations or individuals.

It is Not that we are Sheep—but that The Creator of Our World silently offers you the way to life, to come back after we screw up, the outlook that keeps us coming back to truth, compassion—and conscience. In serving others, we serve the deepest hunger of our heart—to belong with the universe, with Goodness, with the community of authentic people.

You and I are wanderers in a world where others are fearful, hostile, and defensive. You are guided by your need to keep repenting, following the star towards the model for Meekness, Weakness and Humility of heart. You do not claim to be strong, forceful, self-assured. You do what you can.

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