The good news for the day December 3, 2016

Saturday of the First Week in Advent (178)

Traveling around to local cities and towns, Jesus would teach in their religious centers, sharing good news about the coming realm, and curing just everybody sick and weak…at the sight of the crowds, His heart was moved with compassion for them—there was weakness there–people left alone, like sheep without a shepherd. Jesus said then to those following him closely: The harvest is a good one but farmers are few; ask the one in charge of the harvest to send out workers for his harvest.” (Matthew 9)

Jesus healed people by touching their lives—by His attitude of caring warmth and humble strength. You are called to that same spirit, that kindliness towards everybody weak and needy. He calls you to open your heart in welcoming compassion—not judging or feeling superior, but in service to others.

It is hard to change course. You and I always want to feel that we are right, we are superior, have the “moral high ground,” as though we are doing life right, while others are not because of ignorance, weakness and blindness.

You are better than that. With the spirit of Jesus in you, you see people through the lens of compassion—people need your strength, their hunger needs your peace, and their reluctance to grow needs your humility. People need to see the way you respect everyone as equals, the way you grasp others with kind eyes and heart—the way you “harvest” not by accusation, attack and anger, seeing this person as an enemy, but by humbly accepting those very things that they hurl against you.

It takes courage for you to be this way, this Way of the Cross. People hurt you and you suffer. But your truthful preaching—by your quiet example—wins fruitful changes, moves folks a bit towards reflection and prayer, heals blindness and, yes, instills strength. The Realm & Community of God is invisible—you do not always know the people your harvest nourishes.


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