The good news for the day December 1, 2016

Thursday of the First Week in Advent (176)

Jesus says to people following Him: “Not everybody who calls me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will get into the realm of what is right—only the individual who does the will of my Father in heaven… “Everybody listening to these words of mine and doing something about them—will be like any wise person who has built his house on solid rock.  The rain fell hard, the floods swept in, and the winds blew and rocked the house. The house, though, did not collapse; it had been constructed solidly on rock.  Everybody listening to these words of mine but not doing do anything about them will be like some fool who built his house on sandy ground.  The rain fell hard, the floods swept in, and the winds blew and rocked the house—it fell apart; it was completely ruined.” (Matthew 7)

The solid rock refers to your valid combination of conscience, thoughtfulness, and humility. If you think you’re superior—that is a sandy bottom under you. If you think you “got it” and that’s all there is—that’s another sandy bottom. If you get all excited because you see how important faith is—but stop there—that’s another sandy foundation.

It is repentance—and joy, Good News, and peace—to keep going—to grow! THAT is the rock-solid foundation under you—to leap from rock to rock, to meet each day’s challenges with faith and courage. Not to rest on convictions, but explore them, deepen them—looking for the presence of Jesus in the needs of others—that is the rock of truth, love, and faith—the rock that is not you, but the world of God—His creation, His family, and carrying one another’s burdens.

The world collapses around those without this growing, rising, deepening, repentant faith. A setback, a loss, a death, a betrayal, a failure—these remind us that “I live—now, not I, but Christ lives in me.” It is His outlook—as a Child of God, a servant in His world—in which we find safety. Let us not congratulate ourselves, but expect challenges. Let the Good News of Christmas sink in—the emergence of Jesus into your world


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