The good news for the day November 29, 2016

Tuesday of the First Week in Advent (176)

Jesus delighted in the holy viewpoint: “I give you praise, Father, in charge of heaven and earth—because—although you have hidden these things from smart and educated people, you have revealed them to people who are like new-borns. Yes, Father, that has been your kind intention. Everything has been entrusted to me by my Father. No one really knows who the Son is except the Father, and who the Father is except the Son and anyone to whom the Son wants to reveal Him.” Turning to his followers in private he observed, “How well off are eyes that see what you see. I am telling you this: many truth-tellers and people in power wanted to see what you see, but did not—to hear what you hear, but did not.”(Luke 10)

The Good News is that you see what others do not see—things they may be unwilling or even unable to see. It is grace and gift—to see others as equals—mirrors of you—all children of one Father—sinning saints—and saintly sinners. Others judge because they feel superior—envy because they feel inferior. Neither is true, no matter how smart, rich, wise, brave or holy they seem—you and I and they are equal—and you see that.

You do not deny uncomfortable truth about your failings—which we all share. You see and admit shortcomings, ignorance, reluctance to hear and see truths that demand courage and wisdom that seem too much.

You have come to see how common we all are—even while you are different. He has revealed intentional blindness and deafness—even while God opens eyes and ears to His realm. You see to enter that realm—its maturity, curiosity, growth, simplicity, patience and peace. Challenged to deny yourself, you wake up to a world wonder-full and enriching.

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