The good news for the day November 24, 2016 (Thanksgiving Day in US)

Thursday of the Thirty-Third Week in Ordinary Time (506)

Jesus tells the public of catastrophes that will come: “…There will be portents in the way the sun, moon, and stars appear: on earth nations will be in chaos, perplexed by the turbulence of the sea and tsunami waves. People will be scared to death in anticipation of what is coming upon the world; the very forces of the universe will be affected. In that moment people will see THE Human Being emerging from the fog that has surrounded him—effective and understood for His importance. Whenever such tumultuous events begin to happen, stand up and lift your face to the sky because your redemption is at hand.” (Luke 21)

Scholars see in these words the Roman destruction of Jerusalem or the end of the world. I would like to suggest a more ordinary view of them.

Presidential elections, riots and wars, climate change and rockets to explore the solar system, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, and hurricanes—these are significant—our daily News. They intrude into our lives—for better and worse. They are reported because they are significant—they are signs.

Signs of what?  The coming of the Son of Man. We are to see Jesus—and each other. It is as though we have cataracts, as though the mysteries of His life fog him from you. He is close, but the fog is so thick with mystery and scholarship you cannot know where He is—how close He is to you and me.

When good or bad significant news is reported into your life, He is asking you to look for Him—deaths in tsunamis, studying the universe, wars, riots and confrontations as well as Thanksgiving gatherings! These are Human Events. And they tell us something about each other—about humanity and the presence of Jesus. It may be a foggy insight—but we discover Creation and creaturehood—and our role in it. It may be your frailty in nature. It may be a clash of principles in human warfare or protests; it may be danger from earthquakes–or enjoying a parade, or a football game. Look for Jesus in the News. Look for the Good News there. Your redemption is at hand.


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