The good news for the day November 21, 2016

Monday of the Thirty-Third Week in Ordinary Time (503)

When, in the area of prayer, Jesus looked up, he saw some rich people putting their offerings into the collection basket. He noticed, too, a poor widow dropping in a couple of small coins. He remarked, “I am telling you a truth when I say that this poor widow put in more than all the rest. Those others have all made offerings from what they had budgeted extra, but she, in her poverty, has offered her whole life.” (Luke 21)

You and I donate to church. We donate to charities.  We donate to some other causes—maybe political, or social, or local.  Such money is almost always just part of a budget, explicit or vague. You pay bills, you set aside some for emergencies, you send some as donation..

The good news is that somehow the EXTRA is not the money left over after bill-paying—but the EXTRA GENEROSITY you give. It may be money, time, help, a moment, a long-term commitment, a giving that is just “not on the books.”

The Good News is that you can give your “livelihood,”—the traditional translation here—but it is really much broader than money, income, or sustenance. The Greek word is “life.” She gives of her self.  She gives of what she lived on.

That is you, of course. You give of your “life,” in caring for others, in financial generosity and in the giving away of what is important to you—or seems important. Your self-sacrifice—sometimes trivial—yielding in traffic, holding a door, making a phone call, changing your tone of voice—these are the “life” which you give to others, give to God.

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