The good news for the day November 17, 2016

Thursday of the Thirty-Third Week in Ordinary Time (500)

As Jesus drew near Jerusalem—looking over the city—He cried for it: “If today you only knew what creates peace– but now it stays hidden from your eyes—days are approaching when your enemies will make a wall against you, encircle you with it and squeeze you in from all sides. They will bring you down—you and your children with you; they will not leave a building block in place—within you–you did not acknowledge it was time for you to be welcoming.” (Luke 19)

We must never forget that the point of the Gospels is NOT history—but rather the point—the importance—is you.  These writers did not care whether they were telling you the exact words Jesus said. What He said has some history—but reflects both then and now.—what improvement,joy or peace these words might produce—the contribution to New Life.

Here, Jesus cries for this place, these people—their future. He has tried to awaken them—to stir hearts to peace; He has given tools—forgiveness, prayer, caring, humility—which can produce peace. But so many would rather defend, fight back, remain proud and defiant to opponents.

Many fail to see—themselves. They cannot accept and understand—they deny and avoid, their hearts hardened against what is in front of them—they deny and avoid how their attitude creates their own destruction.

Now—these people are also you and me. Your stubborn pride would have led you to the walls that people build against any attitude of superiority. Your defensive blindness would have eventually humbled you before other people’s corrections and truth. But you have recognized and acknowledged—humbly, sincerely, and caringly—the coming of Jesus—the needs of others, the uncomfortable truths, the equality and even superiority of others. Here is the point: For those who welcome the least of the brethren, you who are humble, forgiving, caring—well, yours is not a future of disaster, but of peace! You future is not destruction—but Life!


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