The good news for the day November 5, 2016

Saturday of the Thirty-First Week in Ordinary Time (490)

Jesus tells his students: “I am telling you: Get better acquainted with how dishonest wealth works, so that when it does collapse, you will be welcomed into places to stay that do last. Someone trustworthy in very small matters is trustworthy, too, in bigger things; the person untruthful in very small matters is dishonest, too, in bigger things. If, then, you are not trustworthy about the quicksand of money, who will trust you with true wealth? If you are not trustworthy with what belongs to someone else, who will give you what is yours? No employee can serve two bosses. He will either serve one less but prefer the other, or be really devoted to one and disdain the other. You cannot serve God and ‘the greed-god.’” Religious leaders—Pharisees—who loved their money, heard all this and ridiculed him. To them, though, He said, “You rationalize yourselves in public, but God knows your hearts; for what is of human evaluation is altogether worthless in the sight of God.” (Luke 16)

Jesus presents the heart-choice: Either-orEither money or “true wealth,” either financial security or “what is in your heart,” either the human now-outlook of “this generation,” or the longer view of what truly matters.

Your outlook determines which choice to make. If you consider it important to get money, and to serve and obey your culture, and to keep things “the way they have always been,” and to live in the amoral habits of society—that is one choice you can make. It is worship of a false god—but study “them” to learn what worship involves. “Dead,” self-righteous people of this generation, as Jesus calls them—ridicule the other way for its stupidity, naivete, and cowardice. They are rude to your goodness.

If you consider not important to acquire wealth, and, on the contrary, it IS important to serve conscience and the needs of others in front of you—that is the way of Jesus, your brother. It is doing the Will of our Father. It is the Good News of caring, freedom, intelligence, joy and self-sacrifice.  It is the choice to love God and neighbor, rather than “care less” or disdain them.


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