The good news for the day November 1, 2016

Tuesday of the Thirty-First Week in Ordinary Time (486)

Somebody sitting near Jesus said to him, “How well off is someone who will celebrate a meal in the Kingdom of God.” Jesus answered him: “A man gave a great dinner party for which he sent out invitations to many people. When the time for the dinner came, he sent an employee of his to ask the people invited: ‘Come on, everything is ready now.’ But one by one, they each began to make excuses for themselves. The first one said to him, ‘I have bought some acreage and just have go to look it over; I am asking you to consider me excused.’ Another said: ‘I just bought five expensive pairs of draft animals, and am on my way to evaluate them; I ask you to consider me excused.’ Another said, ‘I have just taken a bride, and so I cannot come.’ The employee returned to report this news to his boss. Then the man in charge—in a rage—commanded his employee, ‘Go out right away into the streets and alleys of the town. Bring in here poor people, people with physical problems, people who are blind, people who cannot walk.’ The employee reported, ‘Sir, your orders have been carried out but still there is room.’ The one in charge then ordered the employee to—‘Go out to the main streets and dirt roads; make people come in so that my home may be filled with guests. I tell you, none of those men who were invited will taste my dinner.'” (Luke 14)

The “banquet” is a frequent motif of Jesus. He liked partying, and used His experience—one common to most societies—as an image of coming into the “kingdom of God—the Realm of What’s Right.”

Do you feel invited to His party?  What IS the invitation? It is—in some ways—to just see the world differently. You are called to share the nourishment of creation and be grateful for breath, food, water, people—to view the World as A Generous Party From God, a daily Birthday Party to celebrate being Alive. Busy-ness and business—distract you from entrance, excuses you make to that Spirit of joy. Look, appreciate, and share the sustenance you have received all your Life. Notice in this story that God—the Creator—loves to include in the Realm of What’s Right the people with something “wrong” with them. You—too—are among them!


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