The good news for the day October 28

Friday of the Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time (483)

One Sabbath Jesus went to a meal at the home of one of the religious leaders, a Pharisee, and the people present were keeping a close eye on Jesus. In front of him there came a man suffering from complications of obesity. Jesus spoke to the men educated in the law and religious leaders as a response to the situation—to ask: “Is it lawful to cure on the Sabbath or not?” But they kept quiet; so he took the man aside and, once he had healed him, sent him off. Then Jesus said to the people there, “Who among you, if your own child or draft animal falls into a watery pit, would not immediately haul him out on the sacred Sabbath day?” They could not answer His question. (Luke 13)

This simple confrontation you and I experience often—every day—almost every minute, if you are alert: Is it lawful—legal—right to disregard or disobey a rule (and there are many kinds of rules) to do something good for someone else?

It is not always this clear—rules come from many directions—society, friends, family and even your own habits. You and I feel a need to obey—(“it’s the way we have always done it!”) You don’t easily break a law or a rule that makes sense, that is deep in your lifetime. When it comes to long-held habits—we are conservative, you and I.

Following Jesus, you turn outwards—weigh it here and now. Is the person in front of you more important than the weight of traditions you feel? The good news—following Jesus—means you lean, bend, move towards the person in need; God our father calls you to recognize—and help—a brother or sister. That unwritten law acknowledges the primacy of love, of care, of leaving the comfort zone of mechanical obedience in order to do the right thing, the good thing. Your habit of caring moves you that way. You realize that it is not hard after awhile. Rules are helpful. People are what—and who—you help. That is the fresh habit, the fresh rule, the freshness you live.


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