The good news for the day October 26

Wednesday of the Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time (481)

Jesus passed through little towns and villages, teaching as He was making his way to Jerusalem. Someone once asked Him, “Sir, will only a few be saved?” His answer, “Work to get in through the narrow gate, for many, I am telling you, are going to attempt to get in but will not be solid enough. After the head of the household has gotten up to lock the door, then you will stand outside knocking—saying: ‘Sir, open the door for us.’ He will say to answer you, ‘I don’t know where you are coming from.’ You will reply, ‘We used to eat and drink with you; You taught in our streets.’ Then he will say to you, I do not know where you’re coming from. Go away from me, all you people who do wrong!’ And there will be whining and flailing when you observe Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and all the truth-telling prophets in the Realm of what’s Right—while you yourselves remain thrown out. People will come from the east, the west, the north and the south to share the sustenance in the Realm of what’s Right. The fact is—notice!—some last will be first, and some first will be last. (Luke 13l)

The question does come up—Who will be “saved”? It came up centuries ago, and became a dividing point—to the point of warfare—among Christian religions. It may profit you to re-read Jesus.

It is the wrong question. It is not a bad question—just the wrong one. And Jesus answers both the wrong question—and the right one: “How DO you get into the “Realm of what’s Right—the Kingdom of God?” Each person has a calling to be last and to serve others.  Don’t worry about theological questions as to the number saved or whether Hitler, or Edith, Harry, Shaquita or M’dura—will be saved; it is for you—to serve!

Don’t worry whether someone is “saved.” Don’t brag—a Pharisee—about your righteousness—be least and last among others. Don’t condemn one another; nourish each other with caring, kindness, forgiveness and patience. The Good News is your willingness to be of service—don’t show off how religious you are. The Good News—you love, you serve, you help!


One thought on “Don’t worry whether someone is “saved.”

  1. It sounds sort of simple – or not. Just do the loving, caring and sharing things to be God’s kingdom here and now and the rest will sort itself out when the time comes.

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