The good news for the day October 25

Tuesday of the Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time (480)

Jesus says, “What is the Realm of what is Right like? To what can I compare it? It is like a tiny mustard seed that somebody took and planted in the garden. When it reached maturity, it became a significant bush where the birds of the sky dwelt in its branches.” He puts another way: “To what shall I compare the Realm of what is Right? It is like yeast that a woman took to mix in with several measures of flour—until the whole batch of dough was affected–leavened.” (Luke 13)

Poetry says things—often—more truthfully than prose. An image talks to the heart, while plain words sometimes reach only the mind. The remark, “To what can I compare it?” urges you to reflect, to re-think what you have gathered from your culture. “The Kingdom of God,” or “The kingdom of heaven” or—as I call it—“the Realm of What is Right” has appeared in our movies and books, in daily conversations and from the pulpit. But what do you hear Jesus say to you today, here and now?

Your faith—and the community you belong to—is growing—it is a Growing Thing—an interior kind of growth—not numbers, not increase of knowledge, not flashy and ostentatious. It is deepening, wordless in many ways, spiritual and virtually invisible. It comes silently and relentlessly as a tree’s growth. It takes time; an oak no longer looks like its acorn. Yeast is little grains put in gooey flour—and in time you have a loaf, the yeast gone.

Poems call on you to reflect in your mind on the motives and passions that cause you to see differently, to act in an involved way, and to notice “other-ness”—the creation you inhabit. You bring your past experience to the image—and actively, thoughtfully transfer to the invisible, meaningful one.

The Kingdom of God is your growth, your growing outward, upward. Deliberately, be your own yeast to produce the bread of Life; be the tree where the birds of the air—the wandering souls—can find welcome. The Good News–You grow into that faith!


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