The good news for the day October 18

Tuesday of the Twenty-ninth Week in Ordinary Time (474)

Jesus says to people following Him: “Tighten your belts—turn on the lights—and act like employees who are waiting for their boss’s return from a reception, ready to open immediately when he comes home and knocks. How well off are those employees the boss finds ready for his return! I am telling you what happens: he will tighten his own belt, have them sit for a meal, and proceed to bring them the food—and if he comes even later and later than that—and finds them prepared this way, how well off are those employees.” (Luke 12)

It is all about readiness—readiness to see, readiness to change, readiness to become different from what you were yesterday—your very soul grows.

So much of our lives consists just of what has been, of principles, prejudices and habits we fail to review. You feel safe in your comfort zone, reluctant to admit truth outside of that.  And Jesus is saying precisely there is where the Good News comes to you—where you stay awake, ready, past your mental bedtime, and welcome the arrival of truth and values which you did not get before.

Jesus comes—the risen, unbelievable resurrected reality—comes to challenge the closedness of your mind, to get the closed door of your heart. He wants to change your bad habits, to enlighten your ignorance, to re-shape your life into courage, kindness and “otherness.” He wants to feed you a New Outlook—His spirit of wisdom and understanding His attitude of compassion and gratitude, and his habits of humility and peace.

Readiness, above all, implies attention to others—to what is going on—rather than living within your cultural closed-off world. It is in seeing that you have been blind—that you start to see—it is in acknowledging you are deaf that you begin to hear—it is in breaking of your heart that you come to appreciate others rather than depending on your own resources.

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