The good news for the day October 8

Saturday of the Twenty-seventh Week in Ordinary Time (466)

Once while Jesus was giving a talk, a woman in the crowd yelled, “How great is the womb that carried you and the breasts where you nursed.” He replied, “No—rather—how great are those who hear the word of God and then do it.” (Luke 11)

You and I cannot adequately talk about how mother and/or child feel in their intimate bond. You might try to say how you feel, and you can guess from watching how close a mother is—the fierceness, the cuddle-dimensions, the dreams, fears and hopes.  (You know, too, of the tragedy of indifference and neglect that can happen.) There is, however, commonly a greatness of love in that bond, a majesty outsiders can only guess.

Elsewhere Jesus had mentioned that whoever does the Will of my Father IS my mother…my brother….my sister….

What is the Insight here—the Good News to discover?  I suggest that, after prayerful reflection, you might think of yourself, male or female, young or old as “the mother of God.” You bring God—the Messiah, the Presence of God—into a world that wants His Coming. You bring His healing and hope, you bring His creativity and care, His forgiveness and His comfort with nature. Whatever you do when you do what God wants—your words are bringing His human tongue and eye, His gentle finger, His bleeding heart. It is your human God-ness that touches the lives of people who need exactly that moment—or span—of love. However unworthy, guilty or failed you may feel—each tiny, tiny moment of courageous kindness, each act of love is motherhood begetting new life—the Spirit, the soul, the tangibleness of God into this world.

But I am also suggesting feeling—to care for others with selflessness, to find in an “other” a joy like that of motherhood, a fierceness of caring, a passion to help and guard and shape and yet stand independent of you—that kind of love.

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