The good news for the day October 7

Friday of the Twenty-seventh Week in Ordinary Time (465)

When Jesus had driven out a “dark force” in someone, some of the public were saying: “By the power of Beelzebul, the prince of all bad things that happen, Jesus removes harmful influences.” Others, to challenge him, were asking him for a sign from heaven. Jesus, though, knew their thinking and to these He said, “Every country divided against itself will end badly and house will collapse against house. If The Attacker Satan is divided against himself, how will his realm continue? You are saying it is by Beelzebul that I drive out forces of evil. If I, then, get rid of evil influences by this “Beelzebul,” by whom does anybody else–your own people—get rid of them? They will be your judges. If it is by the finger of God, though, that I remove evil forces, then the realm of what is right with God has been coming upon you. When a strong man fully protected guards his place, his possessions are safe. But when somebody stronger than he becomes aggressive and overcomes him, he takes away the protection on which that one relied and own the goods to do with whatever he wants. Anybody not with me is against me, and anybody not gathering with me scatters. (Luke 11)

The Good News starts with the reminder of evil, the forces and mysteries that seduce, overcome and challenge you and me.  “Demon” is a catch-all label for the “dark forces” of your life. I have used many synonyms here to convey the mystery of evil forces. Demons are habits that hold you in bondage, bad attitudes you have but don’t want, cultural assumptions and falsehoods you have bought into. Such demons are real.  “Satan”—the Semitic name—means “prosecutor” who wants to “get” you, to find your guilt.. Addictions, prejudices, and mistaken beliefs are modern versions.

By the “finger of God”—His touch—you overcome these dark forces—someone’s hug of hope, reaching out for help, a moment of forgiveness, a choice to trust. Your protection—your armor—is “anybody with Me,”—your community of good people, your supporting, loving, truthful friends and family, the ones always there who comfort as well as keep you honest.


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