The good news for the day September 7

Wednesday of the Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time (439)

Looking right at his followers, Jesus speaks to you: “How well off your are—in your need—you are in the realm of what is right. How well off you are, you who are hungry now—you will be satisfied. How well off you are for crying now—you will be laughing. How well off you are when people hate you, exclude and insult you, and condemn you as bad because you act like Me. Cheer up—jump with joy that day! Look! The credit you will get is going to be great in the realm of what is really right. Their ancestors treated their own prophetic men of truth the same way. It’s too bad for you wealthy people, though—you have been gotten you pay. It’s too bad for you who are filled now—you will go hungry. It’s too bad for you who laugh now—you will grieve and weep. It’s too bad for you when everybody speaks well of you—their ancestors treated the false prophets that way.” (Luke 6)

Keep in mind—and in your prayers—that you are supposed to LIVE—not just stay alive. Are you in need? Your real need is to grow in understanding, faith and compassion. Are you hungry? Your real hunger drives you to impatience for justice—a ravenous desire to end prejudice, fear, and denials—first of all in yourself, and then an open-minded search to nourish your mind and soul. Are you sad? It is not despair, it is grief over others, over failures to stop others’ agonies, over people dying needlessly, and over regret for your mistakes that have hurt people.

People laugh, call you names, and scoff at your views. You are not them, and you thank God for that. You look down on no one, though. You do your best. You suffer being misunderstood in quiet humility and patience.

And you see ‘wealth’—not just rich greedy people, but people so rich about themselves, righteous and smug and heartless with self-satisfaction—and you pity that kind of fake wealth. Being rich with the Spirit of a loving God counts. Not filled with suspicions, cautions, resentments and defensiveness—nor disgust at others, nor hostility to ideas. Loving, caring and appreciating—that is true Wealth.


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