Because of illness in the family, I have to discontinue these indefinitely. 

 The good news for the day August 31

Wednesday of the twenty-second Week in Ordinary Time (433)

After Jesus left the synagogue, he went to Simon’s home. Simon’s mother-in-law had a severe fever; people pleaded with Jesus for her. He stood over her, reproved the fever—and it left her! Right away she got up and took care of them. Towards sunset, everybody who had anybody sick with diseases brought them to Jesus. He would put his hands on each of them and cure them. The nasty condition also left many of them, and they would admit, “You are the Son of God.” He would rebuke them, though, and not let them say anything about realizing that he was the Messiah. At dawn, Jesus left town to go off to an isolated place. A number of people went looking for him, and when they came to him, they tried to keep him from leaving them, but Jesus responded: “To the other towns also I have to go—to proclaim the good news of the Realm of what is Right; for this purpose I have been sent.” And he would preach also in synagogues of Judea. (Luke 4)

In this tiny movie, you see Jesus healing individuals, going off by himself, the public hungering for what He was telling them, and finally informing them He had places to go to spread the Good News

Look closely—the Good News for you is NOT that He is the Messiah, the Christ. He tells people explicitly NOT to spread that. The Good News is really healing and helping—significant changes that re-shape lives. He frees persons from “demons”—and that is why people wanted to find Him.

Demons exist—addictions, prejudices, insecurities, greed, and lust. These forces are not horned red devils, but much realer forces influencing you from within. Your demons manipulate you—you feel you cannot resist, you lose your temper, they prevent you from brave acts. Your demons make you arrogant, cause you to control others and resist repentance. Once freed by help, though, you admit you needed a Messiah, freeing you to be a fellow child of God. You are grateful to the source of your healing—someone who is your fellow member of the Family of God!

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