The good news for the day August 27

Saturday of the twenty-first Week in Ordinary Time (430)

To people learning from Him Jesus tells this story: “A fellow going on a trip called in his employees to put what he owned in trust to them. To one employee he gave a portfolio of many millions of  dollars; to a second, a few million ; to a third, just one million–each according to his capability.………. The one who had received just one million dollars was the last to step forward: ’Sir, I knew you were a tough guy, you reaped where you did not plant and gathered where you have not seeded; with that concern I went and I buried your portfolio in the ground. Here it is back.’ His boss said to him, ‘You awful, lazy guy! So you did know that I reap where I have not planted and gather where I have not seeded? Why didn’t you at least put my money in the bank so that I could get it back with interest when I came home? Now then! Take the money away from him and give it to the employee who already has much. For to everyone who already has gifts that get used—more will be given and that person will get really rich; but from the one who does not have any, even what little he has will be taken away! Now throw this pathetic employee into the dark outside, where there will be much regret and expression of frustration.’” (Matthew 25)

Good story! Or just puzzling? Everyone has “gifts” from God—maybe not good looks, inherited money, brains, and charm. But you have a beautiful world, you can develop courage, you can be honest and strong, as well as nice—whether or not you have the good looks.

The point, though, is your courage to “put it out there,” to face life, take whatever it is you have and swim against the current of culture (“this generation”)—to be faithful to your conscience, to keep growing as you learn more—and deeper—truth. You are to risk –expose—any gift so that your life is adventure, fun and daring. More than any other gift, however, is the quiet chance to love others—to love unabashedly, to love people who don’t care or reciprocate, to love generously, grateful for love you have received—and be a risking person wherever and whenever you can.


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