The good news for the day August 25

Thursday of the twenty-first Week in Ordinary Time (428)

Jesus says to people learning from him: “Stay awake—you can never know what day the One in Charge of you will show up. Be sure of this: if the head of the house would know what hour of night the thief was coming, he would stay awake and not let his house be broken into. You, too, have to be ready; at a time you least expect, The Human will show up.

“Who, then, is the competent, smart employee, the one the boss has put in charge of the whole thing—to supervise all the supplies and their right timing? How well off is that employee—the one the boss—on coming home—finds being responsible. I assure you—it is the truth—the boss will promote that one over everybody and everything. If, on the other hand, some arrogant employee thinks, ‘My boss is gone too long,’ and begins to abuse other employees—and have a good time with drunks—then that employee’s boss will show up some surprising day and at an indefinite hour—and will discipline the employee severely—and put that bad one with people who cheat—the phonies. There will be regret and expressions of frustration there.” (Matthew 24)

Too often we read these stories, find a simple application—then forget them. God is the master; you are the employee. Stay awake! End of story.

But the parable is much more. It is THE Good News. The big thing is that ‘staying awake” for the coming of the “son of man.” The Arrival is unexpected—too long delayed—at an hour that is indefinite…and so on. What precisely are we supposed to “stay awake” for? You don’t know!

The point is: you stay awake because you don’t see right off that Jesus comes in “every child of the human race”—in someone the ‘least of the brethren’—the leper, the Samaritan, the foreigner, or the vagrant—whoever needs help. The resurrected Jesus, with His wounds, lives in mutual forgiveness and healing, in caring and, mercy. “Find Me with eyes of faith. If you are ready, I can’t surprise you. You will see me in the ‘other’.”.


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