The good news for the day August 7

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (117) 

Jesus said to his students: “Put your clothes on, turn on the lights—be like household employees who are waiting for their boss’s return from a wedding—set to open the door as soon as he comes home and knocks. How well off are such employees—the ones the employer finds ready on his arrival. I am telling you the truth: he will change his own clothes, have his employees sit down at the table, and get them something to eat. If he comes even at midnight or later, and finds them ready in this way—how well off are those servants! Be sure of this: if the head of the household could know the moment when the thief was going to come, he would not let his house be broken into. You have to be prepared, too, because at a time you are least expecting it, The Human will arrive in your life.” (Luke 12)

In this story, the reminder is that readiness and expectation is the best you can do. As Hamlet puts it, “Readiness is all.”

You never really know when and how Jesus is going to arrive in your life. You might spend a lifetime doing good things—and nothing really happens. Life keeps on being struggle, overwhelm, running fast to keep from falling down. You cannot figure out why someone else seems to have it together—to have peace, courage and patience—who never seems to be off-balance and manages to picks herself up fast from disasters.

Then some moment—the light, the insight, the box opens—you get it! It really hits you. A door opens. What enters is peace and understanding—love is real currency, while greed—and pride—are just a waste of time. You grasp how good is humility, how sweet is courage, how ennobling is forgiveness. It all makes sense. Jesus isn’t talking about obeying rules, reaching success, and things you have to do—not duties and observances. Readiness is much easier. Open that door, and the radiant simplicity of light floods into your whole life—your very soul. Living and dying is not about you. “Readiness is all.” You were ready. You stay ready.

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