The good news for the day August 6

Saturday of the eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time (412)

A man came up to Jesus and knelt down before him, “Sir, have pity on my son, who is a lunatic who suffers severely; often he falls into a fire, and often into water. I brought him to your students, but they could not cure him.” Jesus responded, “What an unstable and perverse generation! How long am I going to be with you? How long will I be able to put up with you?  Bring the boy here to me.” Jesus admonished the boy. The force controlling him left and from then on the boy was healthy. Then His students approached Jesus in private, “Why couldn’t we drive it out?” He told them, “Because of your little faith. I am telling you the truth: if you have faith as little as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’—it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 17)

What is faith, what is truth, what is the point here? Reflect a moment—because faith is the power you need to help other people get better.

Do YOU yourself have enough faith to drive out a demon?  Yes—and no. If by faith you are mistakenly thinking of faith as mechanical prayer, self-confidence and automatic control—like putting money into a soda machine—then No.  That is not faith. That is something else. It is a mistake.

What is faith then?  Think of confidence in God—and working with the 12-step program to help an addict, or think of finding medicines to stop seizures, or listening to a person overwhelmed with grief and frustration, or sitting with someone whose rage and ranting is over the top but who can listen to your silence, and so on. Think of confidence in God.

These miracles are change coming from God, they are love and mutual caring—far different than any mere external behavior of yours. Your faith is your trust in God. You allow your Father to get involved—that is what faith is. You trust that God will bring His Fatherly love into someone’s “need for a fix”—and you let God do healing. Faith Mean letting God Do His Thing.


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