The good news for the day July 27

Wednesday of the Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time (403)

To His students, Jesus says: “The realm of what is right is like a treasure chest buried in a field, which somebody finds and re-hides it. Really delighted, he goes and sells off everything he owns to buy that field.

Or: the realm of what is right is like a businessman keeping an eye out for fine pearls. When he finds a pearl that is virtually priceless, he goes and sells everything he owns to buy it.” (Matthew 13)

The point of this poem: Some priceless things are worth more than everything else. Adults often become aware of this felt, common truth—that you have to give up stuff to get something worth incomparably more. You marry and move into a richer life—leave behind childhood, leave the house you were comfortable in, leaving behind family in certain ways. Sometimes you choose a new way of life—a career or lifestyle—that leaves much behind. You give up a life’s treasure to get a gift offered to you and no one else. The Good News is this enrichment when you find what is truly worthwhile.

The “realm of what is right” calls for that leap—to seek value that lies mysteriously ahead of you—often hidden, perhaps buried, risky even. It may be something others cannot see or know—and may never know. But you value it. You have found it, and give it your all. You get the intrinsic rewards of that choice—to follow your dream pursuing what you love.

Immature persons do not get it. They play games, behaving as though they are still in school. Adults get it: You gotta give up something precious to get this other “thing” so much more valuable—like responsibility of parenthood, satisfaction with your career (not just a job), rewards in a loving marriage, a change of church membership, admission of your own harsh pride, or joining a crusade—choices like these unveil Fresh Life, a discovery of the values of Jesus.

Then there comes this great discovery of the spirit—truths wordless, and growing—the decision to keep exploring the “(majestic) Easter Eggs” that God has hidden for you to find. The Good News is Discovering Value.


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