The good news for the day July 20

Wednesday of the Sixteenth Week in Ordinary Time (397)

That day, Jesus left the house and sat down on the shore. Such large crowds gathered around him that he got into a boat to sit down and teach there; the whole crowd was standing along the shore. He spoke to them at length with poetic examples, like this: “This sower went out one time to plant seed. As he sowed, some of the seed fell onto the path—birds came and ate the seeds. Some other seed fell on rocky ground—where it had shallow soil. It sprang up right away because the soil was not deep; then when the sun came up it was dried and withered for lack of roots. Some other seed fell among thorns—the thorns grew up and choked the seed off. But some seed did fall on rich soil, and it produced a harvest—a hundred, sixty or thirtyfold. Anybody with ears ought to hear.” (Matthew 13)

You are the sower; you are the seed. In this little poem, Jesus—as always—is reminding you and me to look into the ground of our being—into our heart, and ask ourselves serious questions.

You are the sower—always seeding the world around you with fertile germinations. What do you sow? A word of peace here, a phone call of solicitude there, a question of interest, or an answer that shows you hear, a thoughtful gift (or lack of one), a forgiveness, a smile, a word of praise—these are the tiny seeds that you distribute (or not) as you move through your day. Some seed “works” and changes a life from despair to hope, from darkness to light. Other does not get heard and dies away.

But you are also the seed. Some truth falls into your shallow path of life where distracting birds come—and the truth, the growth—just flies away. Other truth lands and sticks awhile—and then shrivels and is forgotten. Still other truth gets entangled in controversy—the thorns—and gets overwhelmed. But some seed falls into your good ground, and you grow, your faith a sharing of life—fruitfulness beyond your dreams. Anybody with ears—needs to hear—not just Jesus—but the world around you!


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