The good news for the day July 9

Saturday of the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time (388)

Jesus says this to His dozen closest students: “No student ranks above his teacher, no employee above his boss. It is enough for the student to “get“ the teacher, for the employee to behave like the boss. If some people have labeled the head of a household a “the demon Beelzebul,” how much more accused will be members of that household! So don’t be afraid of them and their name-calling. Nothing is kept hidden that does not eventually come out, nor any secret that is not exposed. What I might say to you away from the light, your are to speak out in the open; what you hear whispered quietly—broadcast the most public way possible. Do not be afraid of those people who kill the body but cannot kill what is inside you; no, be afraid of the somebody who can put both you a garbage pit inside and out. A couple of little birds—aren’t they worth a few dollars?—but none of them falls to the ground without your Father’s awareness. Even every hair of your head is counted! So do not live afraid; you are worth more than many a sparrow. Everybody who communicates me before others I will tell about before my Father in the realm that’s right. But whoever thwarts me before others, I will negate before my Father in the realm that’s right.” (Matthew 10)

Read this slowly. As you read, notice the individuality—You as unique Human echo of Jesus. You are to be you—your version of True Human child of god. Be like Jesus as best you can. If you are, people won’t like you and will call you lying names. Who you really are—will emerge, will come out, a butterfly from a dull cocoon—the truth will out. Tell it like it is.

Don’t let opposition wear down your soul, destroy your faith, hope and love—putting you into worthlessness—a broken dish. You are precious—beloved more than birds of the air. “You are My presence, the child of God, the expression of the Divine Family,” you are the representative of what is permanently right—“heaven.” If you turn away from that task, if you deny your kinship with the Family of God—you are on your own—and, less than the mutual human you can be, the impoverished soul free of shared Living.


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