The good news for the day July 7

Thursday of the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time (386)

Jesus said to his dozen closest students: “As you travel, make this public: ‘The realm of what is right is close.’ Cure people who are sick, raise people dead, cleanse those blemished or disfigured by disease, and drive out people’s demons. Without paying anything you have received; without getting pay, you are to give. Do not carry any form of money in your wallets; no suitcase for the journey, or a change of clothes or good shoes, or a defensive weapon. The laborer deserves his keep.” (Matthew 10)

Are these words outdated history, irrelevant talk supplied by someone creating evidence, a memory, a kind of docudrama for future historians—or something else? Does Jesus expect you and me—now in the future to act this way? Or is something else going on—a change in you—a need to look afresh at news God is directing at you and me today?

The realm of what is right—the Kingdom of Heaven—involves caring for others—not focusing on self. Cure people. Raise the dead. Cleanse soiled people. Drive out demons. Try translating that yourself into your world. Help and heal, forgive….

The Kingdom of Heaven is not really about your salvation and your self-sanctification—it is much more about serving others—about improving the world around you. Cure people sick at heart. Raise dead, despairing souls from their abandoned hope. Cleanse hearts soiled by shame and rejection—and help people drive out over-powering addiction, ignorance, denial and prejudice—faults that control so many of us from within. These failures and faults are real ones—not bodily ailments. You and I will get sick, get hurt, and die dead. No one escapes. Jesus is talking about Life—the Real Life—not this mortal one (which He describes as “flesh”).

Travel light at heart. Stay generous to others; your own life—every breath—is gift. Devalue money and don’t worry about what to say. Focus on others! You get an inherent response to your efforts—quiet and rewarding, but unseen, unfelt. The laborer earns and gets real pay!


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