The good news for the day June 18

Saturday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time (370)

Jesus says to his students: “Nobody can accommodate two bosses. You will eventually hate one and love the other, or—alternately—care about the one of them and not the other. You just cannot accommodate both God and the “mammon” of moneymaking.…Don’t worry about some things like: ‘What are we going to eat?’ or ‘What are we going to drink?’ or ‘What are we going to wear?’ These concerns are what “others” worry about. Your Father in the realm of what’s right knows that you need all of them. No, concern yourself first with the realm of God and what is right in His domain, and all these things will be given you besides. Do not burden yourself about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself. Sufficient for a day is what is wrong now.” (Matthew 6)

Most of us—I suspect—find that this particular passage is something we would like to avoid thinking about. Oh, the first part is easy enough—the “two masters.” Choose God as your security, not money. Easy. The follower of Jesus usually knows what that means and tries to follow it.

The second part, though, offers a real challenge to you—not to concern yourself about food and clothing—or shelter or the future. Nonsense!—you think—and that is the standard reaction that you and I feel.

Let us look for a moment at “life,” though, and ask ourselves what is the real point here—the Good News. It is not just to disregard the needs of your body and focus on your “soul.” It is not that. It is a deeper challenge. You are to concentrate on serving “not you”—on clothing and feeding the OTHER PEOPLE, the Children of God—their lives, their living. Once you see that point is the underlying misunderstanding, it makes sense. Don’t worry about your self, look outward, and focus on feeding and clothing those in need! That is the Good News—the challenge that IS life—you are ALIVE if you love one another. Keeping yourself fed and clothed is incidental to the More Important Life we share in the Family of God.

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