The good news for the day June 17

Friday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time (369)

Jesus says to His students: “Do not amass assets for yourselves on earth, where moth and rust eat them away—where thieves break in and steal them. No, accumulate wealth for yourselves in the realm of what’s right, where no moth nor rust eats anything away—where thieves do not break in and steal them. Yes, where your wealth lies hid—there your heart will be too.” (Matthew 17)

A few folks die young—not in the funeral sense, but in smugness and self-satisfaction; like a corpse, they no longer seek to change, to explore—to live deliberately. Henry David Thoreau mentions such people: how some people might, when they came to die, “discover that I had not lived.”

You and I, though, after high school, did start looking for success of some kind—to make a good life. You hope for love, security, entertainment, friendship, knowledge, respect and approval from others. In other words, you keep growing up, you look—and keep looking—for success.

Some settle on the success of wealth—such things as a “trophy wife,” society’s approval, or financial independence and monetary safety.

A follower of Jesus, a child of God, though, feels determined to grow up—to cherish wealth accumulating quietly in heart and soul. You find assets in the mutual kindness of authentic friends as well as in forgiveness of insults and attacks from people different or “better” than you. Unobtrusively, your heart sustains an inner vault of gratitude, peace, and unselfishness.

Most of all, you stay the course, determined to heal others, free them from demons, feel gratitude and do constant repentance; you listen to opinions humbly, to uncomfortable truth and to corrections. You find the wisdom, joy and peace growing—multiplying—in your heart—a security of which the world has no idea. Like a toddler nestled in a mother’s bosom, you find this is where you belong—this cozy state of true security and peace.


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