The good news for the day June 8

Wednesday of the Tenth Week in Ordinary Time (361

Jesus said to his students: “Don’t imagine I have come to get rid of what you learned of tradition—Law and truthful prophets. I have come not to get rid of them but to give them an understanding. The fact is—I tell you—till sky and earth pass away, not one bit of a letter of how to do things right (law) goes away, till it all gets applied. So, whoever misinterprets the smallest guideline—and misleads others into doing so—will be considered insignificant in the realm of what’s right. But whoever gets them done and teaches them that way will be considered significant in the Kingdom of heaven. I am telling you the fact: unless your “justice” –your grasp of truth—means more than that of educated people (scribes) and hierarchies (Pharisees), you will not enter into the realm of what’s right.” (Matthew 5)

The fundament law of God is love, and all other laws are part and parcel of it. Love in little things, and your love will—sooner or later—be a great, admirable thing. Deny, avoid, misunderstand deliberately—misapply laws away from love—and that has its consequences, diminishing you.

In no way are God’s laws like American legal requirements. God’s laws provide expectations and guidelines, directives and signposts, maps and hints and hopes. They are how God speaks to your heart and mind.

If you are directed not to eat pork in the Hebrew Scriptures—it is part of God’s love to help you avoid trichinosis. If God tells you not to covet your neighbor’s goods—it is part of God’s love to free your heart of envy, depression and a lack of peace. If God shows you how to pray in the Psalms, it is how to talk—person to Person—to your Father. If you love me, Jesus says, you will keep my rules—but it is really the other way around—if you love Jesus and His Family on earth…the rules make sense, and you do keep them. Not as you keep civil laws. Not as external obedience. Not as anxious fearful citizens—but as family members, lovingly accepting parental guidance. God’s Rules are Good News—for those who ‘get’ them.


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