The good news for the day June 7

Tuesday of the Tenth Week in Ordinary Time (360)

Jesus said to his disciples: “You form the salt of the earth. If salt ever loses its flavor, with what can it be improved? It is no longer good for anything but to be thrown outside and used on sidewalks. You brighten the world. A city set a mountain cannot stay hid. Nor do people turn a light on and then put it under a cover; you put it on a table, where it lights up the whole house. That’s the way your light is to shine before everybody else, so that they see the good you do and in that good appreciate your heavenly Father.” (Matthew 5)

Fundamental reminder here! You affect other people. Sometimes it is a small taste of you—a sprinkling of salt you add (a word), a dash of condiment, a small influence that ripples out—or a flashlight you use to help other people see. More often it is subtle—a tone of voice, a comment of kindness or rancor, a passing expression of disdain or appreciation.

In any case you do affect other people. Salt works to flavor and preserve, to kill vegetation and to make icy roads safer. You influence others in such a mysterious way—like hidden flavor in a soup, or the invisible salt on the road. Even “worthless” salt has an effect where it lands. Ancient conquerors, like Rome, would “salt” a conquered city like Carthage or Jerusalem to prevent any growth at all. Some people are that harmful.

And light. Your presence lights up other people. You are a bulb that can turn on and help people see—or stay off and let people bump into tables and knock things on the floor. Your light—your goodness—can shine out. It is not so much the bulb you need—but its light—the spread of love from our Father. Until the bulb dies, the important thing—for years—is that splash of light—that aid which makes your eyes work.


The Good News is that every moment you salt and light your world.


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