The good news for the day May 25

Tuesday of the Eighth Week in Ordinary Time (349)

To followers squabbling over positions of honor, Jesus says: “Anybody who wants to be ‘greatest’ among you, will be the one who serves everybody else. As a matter of fact, the “son of man” has not come to be waited on, but to serve people and to spend his life in ransoming of so many.” (Mark 10)

In this instance, clearly, the “son of man” means you—means human beings acting as human—which is what Jesus tends to mean by it; the “son of man” is caring, mutual, and equal to start with. Yes, this starts with Jesus, the model for all of us; he is the Jewish individual who saw Himself as THE child of God. He saw Himself as THE human being, and THE one whose life—whose life-long task—like that of an indentured servant, a lifetime employee, or an exchange prisoner—whose life of service “ransoms” people who are not free of their masters.

You and I serve “masters”—addictions, prejudices, dislike and disdain for others, indifference and fear, reluctance to forgive, ambitions of wealth and security—not to mention hidden faults—denials of truth, failures of gratitude, and the like that we do not even realize.

You are called to serve. You are chosen to serve as a ransoming help, to spend your life in the McDonald’s of your world, serving, as a humble, humble person, the demands and needs of others. Not the fries and a drink they order—but their need for the nourishment of non-hating, the change to respect from disdain, disregard, and their freedom from judging others. .

We all need such sustenance—to forgive and be forgiven, to avoid judging and being judged, to love and be loved—and creative relationships, the seed that becomes greater faith, and the laughter that rises between all lovers.


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