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The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity (166)

Jesus said to people learning from him: “I have much more to tell you, but you cannot bear it now. But when that Outlook comes, the spirit of truth, that spirit will guide you to all truth.” (John 16)

Sometimes, a verse needs to be accepted wholeheartedly—accepted as true and valued for telling us some truth we absolutely need to know. This verse reminds us of the Mystery of the Trinity—that we need to see the Father as Creator, the child as our Family, and the “spirit” as part of our subjective self

Scripture often capitalize “Holy Spirit,” as though it always means the Third Person of the Trinity. Because of that, you tend to see it as an “it,” as a person “out there,” instead of an outlook you have “in here”—as part of your thinking and feeling, your way of seeing the world, your values and understanding of what is important.

For a moment, drop that “Third Person/Trinity” “out there”; think of it as an “Outlook”—how you view your world as a Child of God, appreciating your experiences in light of a loving Father, understanding your self as a limited mortal trying to see the Big Picture—needing help.

The death of Jesus enabled you to get that humble stance. Jesus died that you might live—He showed you morality and mortality. You can come to the Father He has had. You can live the outlook He has had. You can be the kind of human He was. In other words, His death was your resurrection. By going away, He has freed you from needing a physical, tangible Presence; He has enabled you to embrace truth comfortable and uncomfortable, reluctant maybe but growing and adjusting your faith. Now you welcome God’s truth—its wholeness, not just your adult, prejudiced reasoning, not just your habitual blindness, and not your wishing it were so—but welcoming the Realm of What is Right–heaven.


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