The good news for the day May 21

Saturday of the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time (346)

People brought some children to Jesus so that he would touch them, but the friends learning from Jesus tried to keep them away. When Jesus saw this he got upset and told them, “Let the youngsters come to me; do not get in the way, for the realm of what is right includes persons like these. I am telling you the truth—whoever does not welcome the realm of what is right like a child will not enter it.” Then he hugged the children and blessed them, placing his hands on them. (Mark 10, 13-16)

What is about a youngster that makes a child fit for the “kingdom of God”? How does a child—ignorant, innocent, untried, non-adult—become a member of the true realm, the realm of what is right? Is it how he or she tells the truth? Is it the sheer innocence of the young soul? Is it some other intangible aspect that we can figure out?

None of the above. You are the child brought to this divine hug. You need that Presence. You need a healing help, a gentle, unselfish reaching out by someone else—an “other.” And you, in turn, are the kind, generous and open-armed Jesus—finding the innocent need that others have for their hug. Not a physical hug—but the care, the kindness, the welcome and the lack of prejudice which a child offers and needs from others.

It is this mutual bond between a Jesus-like person (which you are called to be) and a Jesus-like person (of innocence and hope) which are you are also called to be. Mutual love marks this encounter. Welcome others as you see the child of God in them. Be a child of God expecting kindness, help and care. That is faith. That is being Jesus in our world.


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