May 4, 2016

Wednesday of the Sixth week of Easter

The good news for the Day

Jesus said to his disciples: “I still have much to tell you, but you cannot handle it now. But when there comes the spirit of truth, that spirit will guide you towards everything truthful. It will not be words in isolation, but words now spoken from what you have heard. That spirit will affirm for you what is unfolding. That spirit will explain what I am all about—it will be a matter of taking what has been mine and handing it on to you. Everything that the Father has is mine.” (John 16, 12-15a)


The Good News is this “spirit of truth.” What is Jesus telling you? What is going on? What are this “truth” and this spirit?

A moment of class discussion about words: Ancient languages saw “truth” as uncovering, discovery, and revealing of something hidden by words. In the ancient mind, truth meant a veil being removed between words and their reality—a kind of “honesty.” Truth is more verb than noun, more action than thing.

English, however, saw it differently. The English word, “truth,” has developed from the idea of something firm—sharing the durability of “tree” “trust” and “betroth.” In other words, the spirit of truth means both something “being newly discovered”—you had failed to get it before—and something like a tree trunk—dense, solid.

You and I “find” truth because we look for it. We do not just accept things as they are—sunset, speech, maxim nor a childhood prejudice (good or bad). We awaken as seekers, learners, hungering for something solid.

The spirit of truth—is like our fingers peeling an orange. The spirit of Jesus’s truth—is watching the germ break out of the seed. The Spirit reveals the trends of history, the meanings beyond words, the connections, the insights and the errors to which we become aware because we are finally willing to accept them. Evidence has been there; now we see, now we hear—and now we know the Father AS Father! Loving you.


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