May 1, 2016

The Sixth Sunday of Easter

The good news for the Day

Jesus tells people learning from Him: “If you friends have really loved me, you would be glad that I am going to the Father; for the Father is greater than I.” (John 14, 28b-29)

Wow! All at once–you have read it a thousand times—a small remark makes sense! Words that you slide past, slip in a pocket and try to forget—balloon into something gigantic. You are surprised; it dawns on you that the little remark is a key to a huge pearly gate, to the kingdom of heaven.

Look at this little remark—“The Father is greater than I am.” It is astonishing that some people fail to think that way. So many see God as a fiction, a product of human religion, or a vague sort of thing that can be dismissed as insignificant.

You hear preachers. You read books. You talk with friends, and “god” gets all kinds of publicity, good and bad. The theme of God is almost like talking about a pet, a dead friend, a bit of bad weather, or some memory from childhood.

But somehow, it comes back to the fact that God is greater—because God is beyond words! Like the air you breathe (which comes from God), like the survivors of tornados, like the stunning moment of your baby’s birth, or you falling in love, or in beside a deathbed—God comes into the picture. Maybe explicitly, maybe vaguely…but it’s there—sensing Presence, awareness of Power, Mystery, “the ways of God.” Not in words—but beneath everything—in the realm of deepest gratitude, or humility, or raw awe.

Your Father-Creator is Great. Greater than you or me or anything. Awesome. There. Beyond words. Here. It is good to be with God.


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