April 25, 2016

Monday of the Fifth Week OF Easter

The good news for the Day

“I have talking to you about these matters while I have been with you. The Advisor—“with the attitude of Difference”—Someone the Father will be sending through my family—will instruct you in everything and prompt you to mind all that I have told you.” (John 14, 25-26)

The Holy Spirit. You and I tend to think of the endless theological stuff about the “Third Person of Trinity”—and then move on, but perhaps it is time to stop and think about what Jesus is really talking about….

”Holy” refers to “difference,”—the difference between heaven and earth, between permanence and passing, between awe and apathy. “Holy” slaps you in the face to wake you up; “holy” cuddles you to calm your terror; “holy” makes you change your life.

Spirit” is the wind that shapes your breathing and your environment, the way you live and the way you see the world around you; it is the “spirit of the team” as well as the ghosts that haunt your conscience, the creative, dynamic self and the penetration coming from outside to re-direct you.

This “Holy” “Spirit” comes to you mysteriously from the Creator, from the Father—as well as from the community, the Jesus family. This Family of The Father is calling you to Rise from mere humanity and join the Resurrection Family—to start Life afresh each day. You can do this!

Get past the religious jargon; pay attention quietly to what truth tells you—within your prayed conscience, from the advice of wise friends, from your experience and guidance of good people. They are all sending you this “holy spirit”—to become different from this generation and to create a New Life—a way of life sensitive to truth, humble with readiness to change, compassionate to the weak—and caring for others.

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