April 21, 2016

Thursday of the fourth Week after Easter

The good news for the Day

Once Jesus had finished washing the feet of those close to him, He said to them: “ I am telling you the absolute truth: nobody subordinate is more important than the boss, nor anyone sent to carry a message greater than the one who sent the messenger.

If you grasp this, how well off you are doing it. I am not speaking about all of you. I am fully aware of the ones I have chosen…but that the Scripture might be fulfilled, the one who has fed on my fare has kicked back at me. From now on I am telling you before things happen, so that when they do happen, you may believe in who I am.

I am telling you the absolute truth: whoever ‘gets’ someone I send is accepting me, and whoever accepts me accepts the One who sent me.” (John 13, 16-20)

As adults, when we draw closer to the end of life, and reflect on a lifetime, you and I might come to appreciate that we lived to contribute. Short or long, sophisticated or simple, married or single, male or female, religious or not—you have changed the world for the rest of us just by being in it.

You relate to people for good and ill. You shape events by choices; you alter the world around you—adding beauty, kindness, truth or insight.

You are not greater than the Creator. You are not God—and yet you participate in this world created for us all. Like Jesus—and everyone, really—you might realize—believe, understand—that you were sent by that Creator to co-create. Like Jesus, you might realize that in so doing you accept not just this world with all its unknowns, but the Author of it—the Mysterious God—and appreciate that the whole point is to care, to love what it is—not in blind acceptance, but as clay to work—to use Good News to fix whatever chaos you see—and not just whine about it. Things happen because you make them happen. You ARE, as Jesus IS.


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