April 13, 2016

Tuesday of the third week of Easter

The good news for the Day

For this is what my Father wants—that anybody watching the Son and believing in him has infinite life–and I—I—will raise him up in the end.” (John 6, 40)

God—“my Father”—wants you to live—a boundless, infinite, appreciative, and full life—a New Life, a reboot of your whole system, a true restart.

Starting with Jesus Himself—if you observe other people for who they are—and see each person as a “child of God,” you find yourself alive beyond time. There are strugglers and weak persons, egotists and self-sacrificing parents, stars and “nobodies”—but we are all under one God.

If you get the raw message –watching what Jesus does and says—you wake up from sleep. You re-enter life after pure passivity—you start an outlook of everything as a child of the universe, as a person equal to everyone, as a part of the stardust and a life that radiates joy.

Humbled into a quiet gravity, you live with a quiet chuckle. You heal just by being there. You forgive easily—and people love you. Your enemies are people you are glad to have as enemies—those who express superiority, lording it over you, who rant their beliefs to control others. You respect others. You believe in others. You offer caring as a habit.

In the end, you will rise. On the final day of life or the world, you will find your lowliness will raise you from the dead, from whatever death you have suffered.

But this Life Jesus speaks of is more than any detail. It is beyond words. It is even beyond belief. Even as your parent gave birth to you, whether you wanted it or not—so you are re-born into a totally new existence, whether you want it or not—it is a gift—you HAVE infinite life.


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