April 6, 2016

Wednesday of the first week after Easter

The good news for the Day

Jesus says: “God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have infinite life.” (John 3, 16)

The Love God has for the world IS creation. You see beauty and vast vistas, surprises of exotic plants and stunning places, the automatic beating of your heart and your hearing the pattering rain-these are “agape-love” expressed, the choice of a Father to love your. Belief is not to SEE this, but to see that it expresses—signifies—a Person—a good father to a child—He is just there, but not always seen. What we live is an experience of love

He “gave His only-begotten Son”—in the timelessness that is your own love, the mystery of your permanence—things whose depth, height and breadth stretches beyond your now—it all brings you to the treasure of belonging to This Family. (The final NCAA basketball game the other night featured how one young player got “adopted” into a caring family—and played energetically against his brother—that is the kind of belonging.)

“…that everyone who comes to believe in him…”—the phrase reminds you that it is not (as too often it is) a belief in some imaginary, idealized and historical Jesus, but belief—here and now. Jesus is here—or He is dead. You find him in the Family. You see him in your brothers and sisters. You brush shoulders, laugh, and share grief of the people around you.

Life. Infinite Life. Once again, you realize that His Life is something you already possess—not just a heaven to look forward to after you die. You don’t die—because this Life—this Awareness—this Appreciation is simply boundless. In every direction. Backwards and forwards. In and out. Up and down. Every moment—like the Big Bang—THIS life squeezes everything into an infinite, developing creativity of faith, hope and love. It is Joy.


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