April 4, 2016

Monday of the first week after Easter

The good news for the Day

One person, a Pharisee named Nicodemus, someone significant among Jews came to Jesus at night. His approach was: “Rabbi, we realize that you are a teacher come from God—no one can do such significant things that you do unless God is with him.” Jesus answered him, “The absolute truth is this: unless someone is born from beyond this world, that person cannot even see the realm of what is right.” (John 3, 1-8)

Nicodemus, like so many characters in John’s gospel, such as Peter and the Beloved Disciple, represents a certain kind of person, a category—even a particular dimension of your own personality. That is John’s way.

Nicodemus is a somebody—with social power and influence, money and heft in political and religious spheres. Like him, in your own circles, you carry a certain importance. You have integrity—values and wisdom your friends appreciate. You hold principles and style that others look to. When something new appears, like Nicodemus, you investigate—but not openly—no, under a cloak to hide you from your friends’ eyes.

You meet someone like Jesus. Socially tentative, you acknowledge appreciation, but in your delicate words there hides a question—“What do you have to offer; why should I believe you?”

Jesus responds to that hidden question: Unless you start all over, you will not get what I am doing. Unless you notice stars, sun and moon above—and their consistent obedience to the Father, you can’t see what is going on—namely, Newness every day, Love showering down on you—the place in the universe where you fit. The Good News is you can repent just by looking up—then looking around—the Good News dawns on you. Grasp this giftedness. Abandon habits, customs and limits of society so you can become alive within yourself. Breathe—each breath is your new life!


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