April 1, 2016

Friday of Easter Week

The good news for the Day

Jesus said to his fishermen friends on the shore, “Come on, have breakfast.” And none of these students of Jesus had the nerve to ask him—“Who are you?”—though realizing this was the Lord. Jesus came over and took the bread they had and distributed it to them, and the same way with the fish. This marked the third time Jesus was revealed to those learning from him after He was raised from the dead. (John 21, 12-14)

The appearing of the risen Jesus made a difference in people’s lives—not just a visible ghosty-like 3-D or even tightly tangible presence. It was far, far more something that changes people from non-recognition—from absence and ignorance into acknowledgement, into “coming to believe.”

Let’s consider this weird story. Peter and colleagues go back to their fishing nets after years spent with Jesus—after Mary Magdalene has told them Jesus is risen!!! Why—For God’s sake—Why? The obvious one—they have to earn a living. Rich women have been supporting Jesus, the Gospels tell us, but now He is gone. These guys gotta go back to work…and they’re not doing a very successful job—until a Mysterious Stranger tells ‘em to drop their nets over there—and they haul in a great haul of fish. So they go to thank this stranger—and see him—and don’t know Him. So Jesus offers them breakfast—and they do get it! The whole thing does not make sense!

What opens their minds—and hearts is not the miracle of the Big Haul, but the non-miracle of sharing food.

Sharing food, creating peace, offering forgiveness and the humility of quiet presence—these reveal the Presence of the Risen Jesus. He is Present where two or three gather in such an atmosphere (“in His Name”). The Good News is—how available, how easy it is to open our hearts—the quiet sharing of a meal reveals the risen Jesus—even if our eyes do not see Him.


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