March 26, 2016

Holy Saturday

The good news for the Day

While the visitors to the tomb were puzzling over this, astonishingly, two men in glittering clothes were there with them. They were alarmed and fell to the ground on their faces. The men spoke to them, “Why are you looking for the Living One among the corpses? He is not here, but he has been raised. Do you recall what he said to you in Galilee…? (Luke 24, 4-6)

The resurrection of Jesus will always remain a matter of your faith. No one will prove it. No one will disprove it. But what does your faith believes?

You believe or you don’t. Religions might require you to say things, but your heart and mind’s commitment is something else. People differ in their view of what happened. The four Gospels contradict each other. That is the point. Different people can legitimately see the resurrection differently!

Jesus did not get up as a “walking dead,” a zombie, or a resuscitated corpse. Let’s get past that. He was different. He rose triumphant, bringing peace and forgiveness, with power to penetrate walls, eat fish and hold conversations with individuals. He had changed.

What did happen? He IS alive. That is your faith. Not a mere soul, not in imagination. Some experienced Jesus alive after He died—and you believe it. “Living again” is stupendous—but not important—really—until you believe He shares His New Life with you—with you individually, with you as part of a community, with you in your heart and soul. He is different; you are different after you die to a way of life—to THAT life.

This New Life, which you now share, means a grievous death-and-rising anew. Your New Life halts what has been, ends what you were, and starts you into something both unexpected and better. You believe—and—God-like—you live the Big Picture—you start co-creating a New World.


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