March 11, 2016

 Friday of the Fourth Week of Lent

The good news for the Day

Some of the inhabitants of Jerusalem said things like, “Isn’t he the one they are trying to kill? And look, he is talking openly—and they don’t say anything to him. Could the authorities have accepted truth—that he is the Messiah?   But we know where this one comes from. When the Messiah does come, no one will have any idea where he comes from.” (John 7, 25-27)

People talk about you. What kind of family, what kind of start, what you have made of yourself. People talk about other people who gossip about you. People associate you with your social, or geographic, origin, friends you have had, enemies and claims and so on. People are impressed—for better or worse—when you have enemies in high places.

In this little instance, Jesus is walking around openly in the public. The rumor mill sees Him as controversial. People ask false—evasive—questions of one another—“disingenuous” ones, we would say.

Moderns still ask: Is Jesus merely a human guy, from Nazareth, a backwater village, who is trying to be something He is not? Or is he some kind of “anointed” Messiah come down from the sky to earth?

Jesus asks you to stop stupid questioning. It is all beside the point!!! Jesus is everyman—and you and He are the “everyman” who IS the Messiah. That is His Good News. Whatever you do to Me is part of the family of God—whatever care you show, service you do or forgiveness you offer or receive—that is the Hand of God working through your Messiah-ship. You are the redeemer here and now; you free folks; you bring grace and peace. You hurt—and die—in loving others. Where you are from is “heaven”—not the sky, but the sphere of mutual care, humility and courage—the “realm of what’s right.” You—you—are from God, a child of God, sent into this world of sin to free people from failures, misery and their offences.


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