February 26, 2016

Friday of the Second Week of Lent.

The good news for the Day

Jesus—to religious and community leaders: “I am telling to you, the ‘realm of what is right’ is going to be taken from you and given to a fruitful community.” When His religious leaders and the most prominent party officials heard his stories, they realized He was talking about them. Although they were working to suppress Him, they were afraid of the public, because people generally regarded him as special—a prophet. (Matthew 21, 24-26)

The “kingdom of God”—the realm of what is right—describes the goal of Jesus. He hoped—and hopes—to use His Jewish heritage as a core to start a fresh community—a “realm” or group. There exists an agenda of changing everybody, awakening everybody to their calling as Children of our Father.

Jesus wants “fruitful people,” a productive crew of mutually helpful humans—a family not egotistical, mean or greedy, but noble, kind and generous. He wants hard working, thoughtfully mature men and women, adults, to carry on—not His “legacy”—but each person’s own transformation of our world.

Wake up!—He hopes. Actually, He wants to raise you from being dead. He is asking you to repent—to change—and keep changing, to continue rising from lethargy. Stop—He says–being controlled or even killed by demons of culture, strong personalities, discriminations and disease; He wants you to stop being unhappy, and find joy in this new sphere, this new Jerusalem.

You are a child of our Father—a fellow working in His vineyard, a misshapen cornerstone now starting to build a new construction. You have found the pearl of great price—the Good News—and the blossoming fruitfulness that comes from saying “yes” to the mystery of your life, “yes” to God’s world—and so you are working to make His new one!


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